The Analysis Department carries out projects based on data from pharmacy systems from a panel of pharmacies. Data is available at the level of individual transactions with anonymisation and enables in-depth analyses to be carried out. The Analysis Department can respond quickly to a wide variety of business questions and needs.

Our experts have expertise in data analysis and the ability to use analytical tools and techniques to generate valuable and actionable insights for Clients, enabling them to better understand the pharmaceutical market and make more informed business decisions.

Promotional effectiveness analyses make it possible to accurately estimate the profitability of promotional activities targeting doctors or pharmacies on the basis of prescribing, or sales data.

Therapy analyses make it possible to determine the course of therapy in the selected therapeutic area, as well as to identify the role of individual specialities in therapy.

In-depth analyses of pharmacy prices make it possible to determine the scale of price variation in pharmacies and its relationship to pharmacy discounts and the level of sales achieved.

In price optimisation projects, the objective is to identify such a price change for a product that maximises sales / gross margin. The Pricing PEX project is a multi-stage project combining analytical, research and consulting methodologies.

The Profiler PEX pharmacy segmentation project, which is based on machine learning models, makes it possible to accurately select target groups of pharmacies that could potentially be interested in a particular type of knowledge or offer provided, for example, by pharmaceutical representatives. In this type of project, no actual data is ever provided; the service only contains the result of statistical models.

Preparation of sales forecasts for the entire market and for specific product segments with the possibility of converting sales to patient to ex-factory sales, together with planning the level of stock required to meet demand.
Training in sales forecasting for existing products on the market and new products using PEX’s proprietary tools to support the forecasting process.

Physician segmentation carried out jointly by FarmaProm and PEX on the basis of extrapolative statistical models enables the precise selection of target groups of doctors who could potentially be interested in a given type of knowledge provided, for example, by medical representatives. With this type of project, no actual data is ever provided, the service only contains the result of statistical models.

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