Consulting department is the foundation upon which our ability to support clients in a dynamic and competitive market environment rests. We understand that success does not come solely from having data or methodologies, but from the ability to apply them appropriately in the context of specific business challenges.

Our team of consultants is made up of exceptional professionals whose experience and knowledge enable us to take a holistic view of our Clients’ needs. As a result, we are able to integrate the objective perspective of an external provider with the in-depth expertise of our Clients, creating comprehensive solutions at both strategic and operational levels.

Our consultative process is based on an individualised approach that allows us to tailor our activities to clients’ specific situations and business objectives. We do not use ready-made templates, but offer concrete solutions, providing Clients with the tools and guidance they need to achieve long-term success in the market.

We combine audited sales data, internal company data and data from third-party suppliers to create a tailored overview of issues that are key to making sound business decisions.

In the SFE family of projects, we focus on key issues for the organisation such as:

  • diagnosis of the market environment, product/company performance and identification of underlying factors,
  • Planning / optimisation of the structure of medical and pharmacy sales teams aimed at achieving revenue or margin targets,
  • adapting representatives’ work areas to changing strategic or market assumptions, allowing optimal use of existing resources and their focus on cooperation with key customers,
  • tool support in the collection of information by Sales Teams (Excel-based forms and databases) to enable the extraction of information for profiling and segmentation,
  • we develop tools to support and objectivise sales target setting processes,
  • we identify key performance and performance management metrics and enable their monitoring to the extent covered by PEX data.

We are developing tools to enable highly specialised areas to track the number of patients appearing for therapy. Based on the treatment regimens used and patient survival, we estimate the length of time a patient stays on therapy. We convert patient counts into future product sales.

We produce studies that help draw the attention of health system stakeholders (regulator, parliamentarians, doctors and patients) to the unaddressed needs of patients in specific disease entities, the burden of disease on the patient and the system in personal, benefit and cost terms. We estimate the indirect costs of disease.
We monitor ongoing systemic changes, assess their relevance to the health system and estimate their impact on the market.
We propose systemic solutions to improve patient access to drug therapies and increase drug safety of the Polish population.

We support you in managing your product portfolio by identifying products with potential for volume or value growth. We identify pharmaceutical market segments in line with the company’s strategy and needs, where investment opens up the possibility of additional revenues for the company.

We support in identifying new product areas for the company. We facilitate the understanding of the healthcare system, the phenomena occurring in it and their possible impact on various areas of pharmaceutical company operations.

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