At Market Access, we not only have experience, but also comprehensive knowledge and expertise of the Polish reimbursement system. Our main objective is to support clients at all levels of activities related to obtaining public subsidies for designated products. Our work encompasses analysis, strategy and administrative activities to ensure that clients are fully supported in the reimbursement process.

At an analytical level, we conduct an in-depth analysis of the Polish reimbursement system, identifying key aspects and trends that may affect the availability of products on the market.

In the strategic area, we develop personalised market access strategies, taking into account individual product characteristics and clients’ business objectives. We take a comprehensive approach to the reimbursement process, taking into account both marketing and regulatory aspects.

At an administrative level, we provide support in the preparation and submission of reimbursement applications, guiding our clients through all stages of the process. With our experience and administrative expertise, we help clients minimise risk and maximise the chances of obtaining positive reimbursement decisions.

We monitor emerging proposals for change in the healthcare system, with a particular focus on issues with the potential to impact the pharmaceutical market in each sector. We simulate the impact of the changes being introduced.

We identify changes occurring in reimbursement notices in terms of key pricing parameters, new products and their indications, changes in applications for products already present. We monitor the history of applications submitted for products without previous equivalents in the notice. At the level of value and volume of individual GTINs, we track the implementation of reimbursement expenditure in open pharmacies and drug and chemotherapy programmes.

We provide support in reimbursement processes. We flexibly adjust the scope of work from ad-hoc analyses to taking full ownership of the process (including participation in negotiations with the Economic Commission).

We develop strategies for negotiation proceedings. We prepare arguments for individual products and processes. We are a sparring partner in the preparation of the company’s negotiation team.

We collect, standardise and process data from the broad area of reimbursement. We prepare long-term compilations of monthly data combining regulation parameters and reimbursement data. Material is made available quarterly in the form of analysis-friendly Excel files.

We provide tools to verify and simulate future price parameters in individual limit groups based on NHF reimbursement data or audited sales data and calculation algorithms in line with the regulator’s current approach.

Based on the data collected, the Ministry of Health’s past practice and our years of experience, we address questions on the strategies used by pharmaceutical companies in the area of reimbursement, pricing policy and the Ministry of Health’s expected approach to the process. We include process-relevant elements from the non-reimbursed segment.

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