The monitoring department is made up of experts in providing services based on anonymised and unique pharmacy data sources. Our dedicated solutions are tailored to the needs of pharmaceutical Clients, providing accurate sell-out data at national and regional level.

Using advanced projection systems based on machine learning methods, our monitoring department is able to further tailor pharmacy data-driven services to the needs of customers.

This enables our Clients to make more informed business decisions based on up-to-date and reliable information, enabling them to succeed in the competitive pharmaceutical market. Our team of experts is constantly working to improve our solutions in order to meet our Clients’ growing demands and provide them with a comprehensive service at the highest level.

Ability to track sales on a daily, weekly or monthly basis at a national or regional level.

Sales data by region allowing Sales Force to be accounted for; ability to build the most reliable sub-panels as a way of measuring the net effect of a team of representatives or other promotional activities.

Monitor flows between brands and SKUs at the molecule level; be able to track primary ordination, substitution balance, lost ordination and know the reasons for substitution. This allows you to better understand market trends and make informed decisions to prevent undesirable phenomena.

A database of monthly data covering all products sold in pharmacies at a national level, such as prescription (Rx) medicines, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, medical devices, dietary supplements, dermocosmetics, herbs and homeopathic medicines.
OMNIBUS modules and segments available:


All products sold in pharmacies that form the basis of the pharmaceutical market.


Standard data expanded to include SIF, APK and IND.


Data Standard extended with detailed reimbursement data.

OMNIBUS - Segment: Internet

All products sold through online pharmacies (mail order).


Data on the made medicine segment.


Blood pressure monitors, thermometers, inhalers and other medical devices.

RECEPTOmetr is a comprehensive business tool that provides detailed and comprehensive data on physician prescribing and patient profile in a specific therapeutic area.

RECEPTOmetr 2.0

A tool to support the definition of a marketing strategy that enables:
  • analysis of the market and data on the preferences of doctors and patients, which makes it possible to accurately identify target groups for new products,

  • verification of market data. In the event of significant changes in the market, our service provides up-to-date information on the profile of doctors and patients, enabling a rapid response and adaptation of the business strategy.

RECEPTOmetr Regional

Service providing:
  • monitoring the position of promoted products in the prescriptions of physicians of individual specialities,

  • keeping abreast of competitors' activities, particularly with regard to product promotion in new medical specialities, so as to be able to react quickly and adapt business strategy.

RECEPTOmetr In/Out

A service that enables:
  • measurement of the prescriptions generated in the territory,

  • measuring and assigning the prescription to the territory where it was generated,

  • optimising the company's operations to achieve better results in the area of prescribing generation.

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