Dear Sirs,

We are happy to announce that the PEX Team has been awarded the prestigious title of Master of Polish Drug Policy!

Over the past two years, our activities have significantly influenced the shape of the law’s provisions, the knowledge of professionals and public awareness. We have successfully completed dozens of analytical and simulation projects related to various aspects of changes in drug policy, mainly in the reimbursement law.

Our active participation in the negotiation of the provisions of this law and the reports prepared by our company have been key to the rationalization of the law, including the removal of some provisions. Industry organizations and officials appreciated our contributions, recognizing the important role we play in shaping a more effective drug policy.

We are also proud of our active participation in public debates. Currently, we are involved in projects concerning amendments to the Reimbursement Act and financing the construction of API and FDF factories and R&D centers in Poland.

We thank everyone who supports us in our mission to improve drug policy in Poland.

PEX team

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